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Dhamma Talk in Seoul Korea in 2017 VIDEO


 Bhikkuni Kosalla Vipassini resides in Mahabodhi Meditation Vihara in AZ. Donations are gratefully accepted, whether you provide needed requisites for the monastic, or offer funds. If you are inspired to donate, you may do so.

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Dhamma Q & A

If you have any questions related to dhamma & meditation, please feel free to ask. You can reach Ayya Kosalla directly at 법에 대한 질문이 있으신 분은 위의 이메일 주소로 질문을 남겨주세요. 위빠사나명상의 마음관찰에 대한 논문을 한글 원본으로 읽고 싶으신 분은 클릭해서 다운로드 받을 수 있습니다. (네이버에 PDF 첨부) The Korean Dhamma Letter is here 담마레터.

Bhikkhunī Kosallā Vipassinī


Bhikkhunī Kosallā Vipassinī:

ZOOM Dhamma interview is available. Please make an appointment through email. Bhikkhuni Kosalla's Personal Zoom Meeting Room ID: 592 269 4381, Password: 00000

Dhamma Letter

Written by Bhikkhunī Kosallā Vipassinī

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